Colours of Sukhoi Su-27 and Su-30

Cyentr Pokaza Avyatsyonnoy Tyehniki (ЦПАТ = TsPAT)
= Aircraft Equipment Demonstration Centre named after Air Force Marshal Ivan Kozhedub

Kubinka air base

237th Aircraft Demonstration Centre named after Air Force Marshal Ivan Kozhedub (1993)
237th Aircraft Demonstration Centre (1992)
234th Fighter Air Regiment

Aerobatic teams:

Russkiye Vityazi (Russian Knights)
Strizhi (Swifts)


Irkutsk Aircraft Production Association (IAPO)
Komsomolsk-on Amur Aircraft Production Association (KnAAPO)


Teams is active.
Aircrafts used since 1991: Su-27 (04 05 06 07 08 09 10 14 15 16), Su-27UB (18 19 20 25), Su-35 (1 2 3 4 5), Su-30SM (30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37)

Russkiye Vityazi = Russian Knights aerobatic demonstration team of the Russian Air Force was formed on 04.1991 at the Kubinka Air Base as a team of six Sukhoi Su-27 and Su-27UB. First time to perform outside the Soviet Union in 09.1991 at United Kingdom. Now performs with six Su-27 and Su-27UB (also has 5 x Su-35, but these aircrafts fly only in some air events in solo display).

Team was created as a part of 234th Fighter Air Regiment (equipped with Su-27 in 1989), as Strizhi (Swifts) team flying MiG-29 (commanding officer Alyeksandr Kutuzov) and Nyebyesnye Gussary (Sky Hussars) flying Su-25 (commanding officer Alyeksand Katashinski; team now disbanded). The leader of the first 'diamond' formation was Anatoliy Arestov, other pilots are: Aleksandr Dyatlov, Ivan Kirsanov and Vladimir Bukin.

Strizhi's MiG-29, 2006.

In 1991 the six-aircraft aerobatics team was finally set up. The leader was Vladimir Basov, others: Aleksandr Dyatlov, Sergei Ganichev, Vladimir Bukin, Vladimir Bazhenov and Aleksandr Lichkun. The first foreign tour was to be made to the UK. Aircrats were painted in special scheme.

In 12.1995 sudden tragedy almost destoyed a team. When approaching the Kam Ranh air base (Vietnam), three fighters of team flew into a mountain due to unsatisfactory leadership. Guards Colonel Boris M. Grigoryev, Guards Lieutenant-Colonels Nikolai A. Grechanov, Nikolai V. Kordyukov and Aleksandr V. Syrovoy died in the crash.

In 2002 Strizhi and Russian Knights start to training in jointly formation of four planes of each team to flypassed during Red Square parade.

In 03.2003 displayed their formation of ten aircraft (4 Su-27 and 6 MiG-29) during 65th anniversary of the Aircraft Demonstration Centre. In 2004 the diamond formation (5 x Su-27 and 4 MiG-29) was included in demonstration programm. On 9 May 2005 both teams flight over the Red Square (9 aircrafts) dated to the 60th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War.

Russian Knight's Sukhoi Su-27UB, 1994. Original painting scheme

Russian Knight's Sukhoi Su-27UB, 1994. Repainted - the scheme is using up to day (2008).

Third serial Sukhoi Su-27M (ex no. 88) shifted to "Russian Knights" aerobatic team in 2003.

16th August 2009 col. Igor Valentinovitch Tkachenko, leader of Vityazi, died in accident during trainings before MAKS 2009 near Zhukovskyi. Two Sukhois from Russkiye Vityazi were collided in the air and were destroyed. A women on ground was wounded and died consequently.

Since 2016 team "Russian Knights" use Su-30SM aircrafts. Aircrafts no. 30 31 32 and 33 were delivered in October, 34 35 36 and 37 in November 2016. On fins were painted flag of Russian Air Force until April 2017. Days before air parade in May 2017 flag were suprisingly removed, replaced by simple blue fins with stars. In July 2017 fins were finished to form showed below.

Su-30SM "Russian Knights" aerobatic team, July 2017.

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