Project T10PM3

Multirole Su-30M3 [demonstrator]
Combat trainer Su-35UB (export variant) [demonstrator]

M for Modifitsirovanniy = Modernised
3 for 3rd stage of modernization
K for Komyerchyesskiy = Commercial
UB for Uchyebno-Boyevoy = Trainer Combat


Komsomolsk-on Amur Aircraft Production Association named after Gagarin (KnAAPO).

Current (2008) status:

Project canceled or suspended.
Prototype is probably stored in KnAAPO.

Designation Type Year Bort number Notes
T10? demonstrator Su-30M3
demonstrator Su-35UB
12.2000 (?)
2003+ (?)
  1. In 2000 very specific hybrid aircraft was prepared, converted from serial from serial Su-30MKK (serial number 80-08), with aid of a huge and advanced computer-aided design; first flight 08.2000. It's a tandem two-seat multirole fighter called Su-30M3 (please remember that Su-30MK2 it's a prototype in Su-30 upgrade program, known as Su-30KN). Produced by KnAAPO using advanced airframe with canard forewings (Irkutsk), but equipped with cheaper avionics of Su-30MKK (Komsomolsk-on-Amur) - rare example of the cooperation between rivals. Aircraft was in 2000 proposed to China but PLAAF was not interested.
  2. Then aircraft was rebuilt. Equipped with avionics of the Su-35 (export version of Su-27M) and combat capabilities similar to indian Su-30MKI, With designation Su-35UB was used for some marketing purposes, especially for promote Su-35 in tenders in South Korea (tender for 40 fighters) and Brasilia (24 fighters). Sukhoi Su-35 failed both tenders in 2002, so aircraft is used to test new avionics and in 2005 even play in the movie Mirror Wars: Reflection One, directed by Vasili Chiginsky, with Rutger Hauer and Malcolm McDowell (als Su-27UB painted in same scheme was used).
  3. Later aircraft was used as testbed to testing new avionics, including radar Zhuk-MSE produced by Fazotron NIIR.

One and only prototype of Su-30M3 / Su-35UB, 2000

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