Project T10PM2

Upgrade of Su-27UB and Su-30 to
multirole fighter Su-30M2 (former Su-30KN)

K for Komyerchyeskiy = Commercial
M for Modifitsirovanniy = Modernised
N for ? (Naval or what?)


Irkutsk Aircraft Production Association (IAPO) and Russkaya Avyonika = Russian Avionics.


In the begining of 2001 Russian air forces produces technical requirements for 1st stage of upgrade Su-27S/P, Su-27UB and Su-30 from its inventory. Upgrade aircrafts should be multirole with possibilities to use most advanced weapons: R-74, R-77, R-77M, Kh-29, Kh-31, Kh-59M, KAB-500, KAB-1500. Two programs was created since 1999: one by IAPO for Su-27UB and Su-30 (Su-30KN) and second by Sukhoi and KnAAPO for Su-27S/P (Su-27SM).

Near the mainstream projects, on March 2001 cheap and quick proposition of Su-27UB upgrade was proposed to air forces by Sukhoi, Irkut and United Consortium of Production of Air Equipment from St.Petersburg: Su-27UBM.

Current (2014) status:

Project Su-30KN was realised between 1999 and 2003. Then was canceled, after two prototypes, first preproduction aircraft and 4 aircrafts (Su-27UB or Su-30) upgraded. Russian Air Forces declined from upgrade of Su-27UB and Su-30, due to lack of founds appropriated to more important upgrade of Su-27 to Su-27SM standard. Two-four Su-30 are in Lipyetsk air base, two of them flyable.

Project Su-27UBM also was in 2003 was canceled, after one prototype built.

In 2010 project Su-30M2 was restarted, and four Su-30M2 were produced and in 2011 delivered to Russian Air Force (next deliveries: December 2013 - 2015 under contract for 16 aircrafts from December 2012).

Designation Type Year Bort number Notes
T10PM2 ?
T10PUM2-1 ?
1st prototype Su-30M2 (Su-30KN) 03.1999


First prototype of Su-30KN was built in the begining of 1999 in Irkutsk - it was serial Su-27UB, first upgraded to Su-30 standard. First flight 03.1999. Testing (quick and successful) in air range at Akhtubinsk 1999-2000. Long time was unpainted, in stunning new painting (desinged in Irkutsk facilities) was displayed for the first time in 02.2000 at Gelendzhik air show. In 11.2001 state tests were ended.

In late 2013 aircraft #302 is still in Irkutsk, still in good condition and still flyable.

Up to end of 2001 two aircrafts Su-27UB and two old Su-30 from Russian air force inventory were upgraded to Su-30KN standard.

First prototype of Sukhoi Su-30KN (Su-30M2), 2000.

? testbed 1999


To speed up a military test of Su-30KN in Akhtubinsk conducted in 1999-2000, serial Su-27UB from Russian Air Force inventory (no. red 05) was converted to testbed on which weapons are firing and testing.

T10PM2 ? 2nd prototype Su-30M2 (Su-30KN) 2000-2001


Used by LII (gromov Flight Research Intitute @ Zhukovskiy) old Su-27PU no. 597 built in 1992 was upgraded to Su-30KN standard and served as testbed and 2nd prototype. Aircraft was repainted in grey-blue scheme, renumbered to 02 and presented in 03.2001 at Zhukovskiy to high commander of Russian Air Force - general Anatoliy Kornuk. Also Su-30KN no. 302 and Su-27UBM no. 20 were displayed.

Later prototype was still used by LII as experimental plane Su-27LL.

Second prototype of Su-30KN (Su-30M2) in 2005 (then it was experimental plane Su-27LL).

T10PM2 ? 1st preproduction Su-30M2 (Su-30KN) 2001


Su-30I-7 - vry little known aircraft, only from few photos (2002 and 2007) from Irkutsk facilities. It's a converted Su-27PU no. 596 / 603, manufactured by IAPO before program Su-30KN failed. Camouflage like Su-30KN no 302, number: blue 07. After 2001 its purpose remains unknown, but still in Irkutsk facilities. Since 2005 stay in Irkutsk as memorial.

Preproduction Sukhoi Su-30KN (Su-30M2), 2002

T10PM2 ?
T10PUM2 ?
upgraded Su-27UB
upgraded Su-30

67 66 68 69

Informations collected about 2001 are totally unclear, indicating that two Su-27UB and two Su-30 are upgraded to Su-30KN standard.

Aircrafts are since 2006 in Lipyetsk air base (4 Cyentr Boyevovo Primyenyenya i Pyeryeuchivaniya Lyotnovo Sostava CBPiPLS [4th Center of Combat Applications and Re-training of Flying Personnel]), in service of 968 Isslyedovatyelskiy Instruktorskiy Smyeshanniy Avyatsyonniy Połk (IISAP) [968th Research and Instructor's Composite Aviation Regiment] (squadrons are equipped with Su-27, Su-30, MiG-29, Su-24 and Su-25).

Between 2006 and 2010 Su-30s in Lipyetsk were repainted two times! Aircraft #67 in 2006 and second time the same year (a problem with used white enamel, scrapped especially near canopy). Second aircraft #66 first time repainted in 2007 or 2008. Third #69 repainted in 2007 or 2008.

Since 2009 only #66 and #69 are flyable. Both were repainted second time in the begining of the year 2010. During Victory Day parade in May 2010 they have new, three-colours stars.

Also, we know four Su-30 from Lipyetsk: #66, #67, #68 (only two photos from 2005; aparently aircraft later was not flyable, since then is still - in 2013 - in Lipyetsk) and #69. Many Russian sources said thas the aircrafts in Lipyetsk are simply four of five Su-30 (Su-27PU), produced between 1992-1993, shifted from Savaslyeyka (#50 #51 #52 #53 #54), upgraded to KN standard or not.

Almost for sure previous informations can be precised now, in 2013:
#50 since 2002 in Lipyetsk, renumbered to #68, since 2005-2005 not flyable, preserved in Lipyetsk (2013) in overall blue painting with white-red-blue stripes
#51 since 1998 in Lipyetsk, preserved in Lipyetsk (2013) in original painting, very bad condition
#52 since 2002 in Lipyetsk, renumbered to #67, flyable, Lipyetsk
#53 since 2002 in Lipyetsk, renumbered to #66, flyable, Lipyetsk
#54 since 2002 in Lipyetsk, renumbered to #69, flyable, Lipyetsk
#55 still mistery

One of the Su-30 from Lipyetsk air base, May 2006, number 66.
It's one of four Su-30 (66 67 68 69) in Lipyetsk. Overall blue painting soon was replaced by blue camouflage with white nose.

One of the Su-30 from Lipyetsk air base, May 2010, number 66. Refreshed painting in 2010. Please note Russian star, painted before Victory Day parade.

One of the Su-30 from Lipyetsk air base, 2006, number 67.
It's an upgraded serial Su-30 from Savaslyeyka (since 2005 3958th Air Base = ex. 54th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment), after all now a branch of Lipyetsk training center.
"Fashionable" false canopy underside.

One of the Su-30 from Lipyetsk air base, about 2012, number 68. Still in overall blue painting, not flyable since about 2005-2006, but preserved.

One of the Su-30 from Lipyetsk air base, May 2010, number 69. Refreshed painting in 2010. Please note Russian star, painted before Victory Day parade.

Other stuff from Lipyetsk

One of the four MiG-29 from Lipyetsk air base, formed in 2006, Russian Falcons aerobatic team.

Overhauled Sukhoi Su-27UB, 968 IISAP from Lipyetsk center, 10.2007 - friendly visit in France (Colmar air base). This aircraft wear a President of the Russian Federation Standard, painted when March 20th, 2000 President of the RF Vladimir Putin was flight from Krasnodar AB to Grozniy-Syevyerniy AB in Chechnya (pilot Alyeksandr Kharchevskiy).

Sukhoi Su-27, Lipyetsk center, about 1994. Stripes in Russian national colors where worn by Lipyetsk's Sukhoi from begining of 90's.

Su-30M2 2010-2011

T10PM2 ?
T10PUM2 ?
four Su-30M2 2011

10 20 30 40*

* until Summer 2012 red numer, then blue.

In Summer 2009 Russian Ministry of Defence signed contract for delivery of 12 x Su-27 upgraded to Su-27SM standard, 4 x brand new Su-30M2 and 48 x brand new Su-35S.

Four Su-30M2 were produced in Komsomolsk-on-Amur in 2010 (first flight 09.2010) and delivered to Russian Air Force in 2011, two of them were deployed to Krimsk (Krasnodar Region). Red numbers: 10 (civil registration RF-95621), 20 (RF-95273), 30 and red (later blue) 40 (RF-93673).

December 2012: 16 x Su-30M2 will be produced for Russian Air Force in next years.

December 2013: two Su-30M2 are in Krimsk (10 and 30), one in Dzemgi (20), one in Centralnaya Uglovaya AB (40)*. Some aircrafts are assembled in KNAZ in Komsomolsk-on-Amur - will be delivered in 2014.
* It's a 4-я гвардейская авиационная группа истребительной авиации 6983-й авиабазы гвардейской авиационной Витебской дважды Краснознаменной орденов Суворова и Почетного легиона базы "Нормандия-Неман" = 4th Guards Air Group of the Fighter Aviation from 6983rd Air Base of the Vitebsk base "Normandie-Niemen" twice honoured by Order of the Red Banner, Order of Suvorov and Ordre national de la Légion d'honneur. Nice!

One of the four new Su-30M2 produced in 2010 (first flight 09.2010), delivered to Russian Air Force. In 2013 small Russian flags were painted on top of the fins (#20 #30) and registration numbers: RF-95621 (#10), RF-95273 (#20), RF-95611 (#30).

Su-30M2 2013-2016

T10PM2 ?
T10PUM2 ?
sixteen Su-30M2 December 2013 - 2015

20 50 40 41

December 2012 contract for sixteen Su-30M2 for Russian Air Force. Firsts four were delivered in the end of year 2013 to Krimsk (#20 and #40), Centralnaya Uglovaya AB (#41, 22nd Regiment), Dzemgi (#30, January 2014).

One of the four new Su-30M2 produced in 2013, delivered to Russian Air Force in December 2013.

T10PM2 ?
T10PUM2 ?
5th/6th August 2014

70 91 92 93

Next four Su-30M2 delivered to VVS from KnAAZ: #70 to Krimsk AB, #91, #92, #93 maybe to Belbek.

One of the new Su-30M2 produced in 2014, delivered to Russian Air Force in August 2014.

T10PM2 ?
T10PUM2 ?
October - November 2014

42 43 45

Next three Su-30M2 delivered to VVS from KnAAZ: Centralnaya Uglovaya AB (22nd Guards Air Regiment).

T10PM2 ?
T10PUM2 ?
December 2015

60 80 90

Next three Su-30M2 delivered to VVS from KnAAZ: Krimsk AB (3 Mixed Air Regiment).

T10PM2 ?
T10PUM2 ?
April 2016

89 90

Two Su-30M2 delivered to VVS from KnAAZ: Belbek AB (38 Fighter Regiment). December 2012 contract fulfilled.

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