Project T10PM
Project T10PMK

Multirole fighter Su-30M
Multirole fighter Su-30MK (export variant)

M for Modifitsirivanniy = Modernised
K for Komyercheskiy = Commercial
P for Pyeryekhvatchik = Interceptor


Irkutsk Aircraft Production Association (IAPO)

Goal :

Multirole fighter with possibility to attack ground targets, on base of the heavy interceptor Su-30, for frontal aviation of Russian Air Force. In whole project three aircratfs was used and 18 serial produced.

Current (2008) status:

Program was realised between 1993 and 1999.

DesignationTypeYearBort numberNotes
? 1st demonstrator Su-30MK 1993 321

It was unchanged serial Su-27UB no 389 from late productional batches (prod. 1988) belongs to Sukhoi Design Bureau, widely known from air shows, after renumbering to 321 used as demonstrator of Su-30MK capabilities. For display purposes aircrafts has suspended on underwings pylons air-to-air and air-to-ground weaponry. For the first time displayed in 1993 in Paris Air Show as Su-30MK.

Sukhoi Su-27UB no. 389, 1992.

Demonstrator of Su-30MK, 1995.

T10PM ? 1st prototype Su-30M 1993 56

On of the serial Su-27PU (eighth) was modernised to Su-30M standard in 1993. For the first time was displayed in 1993 in Dubai. Su-30M as it never enter serial production.

Described in Su-27PU/Su-30 section.

T10PMK 1st prototype Su-30MK 1993 603

Prototype of export version of Su-30M called Su-30MK. Built from converted 2nd serial Su-27PU no. 596 (which was built in 1992 and was used by Test Pilots team in LII @ Zhukovskiy). It was a pattern to production of 18 aircrafts that were built in 1997-1999 in Irkutsk (maybe all were rebuilded Su-27UB aircrafts). Called Su-30K in Russia and Su-30MKI-I in India.

1st prototype of Sukhoi Su-30MK (ex. Su-27PU no. 596), 1994.

T10PMK serial Su-30M
Su-30MKI-I in India
1997-1999 SB001-SB018

18 aircrafts delivered to Indian Air Force. Su-30K is in fact heavy interceptor with limited capabilities to attack of ground targets (similar to Russian Su-27PU/Su-30).

Sukhoi Su-30MKI (Su-30K) from 1st batch), 1997, Indian Air Force.

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