Project T10SM

Upgrade of Su-27S/P to multirole fighter Su-27SM

S for Simonov = Mikhail Simonov it's a designer of serial T-10, S is also translated as Serial
P for Pyeryekhvatchik = Interceptor
M for Modofitsirovanniy = Modernised


Sukhoi Design Bureau
and Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association (KnAAPO) and PBKB from Ramyenskoye (avionics).


At the begining of 2001 Russian air forces produces technical requirements for 1st stage of upgrade Su-27S/P, Su-27UB and Su-30 from its inventory. Upgrade aircrafts should be multirole with possibilities to use most advanced weapons: R-74, R-77, R-77M, Kh-29, Kh-31, Kh-59M, KAB-500, KAB-1500. Two programs was created since 1999: one by IAPO for Su-27UB and Su-30 (Su-30KN) and second by Sukhoi and KnAAPO for Su-27S/P (Su-27SM). Upgraded aircraft should be able to air refueling, but that specific requirement was not necessary for Russian air force.

Current (2010) status:

Program is realised since 1999, in 2003 accepted by Russain Air Force and two regiments is now equipped with Su-27SM (deliveries between December 2004 and end of the 2009).

Prototype and testbeds in hands of Sukhoi Design Bureau and Gromov Flight Research Institute.

Designation Type Year Bort number Notes
T10SM 1st prototype Su-27SM 12.2002 305

First (and only) prototype of upgrade Su-27S/P to Su-27SM standard previosly served as demonstrator of Su-30SMK and Su-30KI. With new configuration of weapons, avionics from RBKB and radar N001V developed by NIIP named after Tikhomirov take first flight in 12.2002, then was displayed to public on MAKS-2003.

As testbed for specific equipment in 2001-2002 served Su-27PD no.598 from LII (ex. Kvochur's Test Pilots aerobatic team).

1st prototype of Sukhoi Su-27SM, 2003.

T10SM serial Su-27SM since 12.2004 two-digit red or blue

First four were delivered at the end of year 2004 to Lipyetsk air base, where were tested and next three upgraded Su-27SM were handed over to Russian Air Force in 12.2004 (numbers 82 84 86) for 23rd IAP (Fighter Aviation Regiment, 11th Air Army) in Dzemgi airfield, home airfield of KnAAPO at Komsomolsk-on-Amur. In 2005-2006 deliveries to Dzemgi continues and finished after 24 aircrafts - full regiment.

In 12.2007 started deliveries to next regiment of the 11th Aviation Army: 22nd GIAP (Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment) in Centralnaya Uglovaya (also Far East). Next batch of modernised aircrafts: November 2008, aircraft are armed with Kh-31P missiles. Deliveries ends in November 2009.

Flag of the Russian Air Force, 2008.

In 2010 Few Su-27SM stay in Lipyetsk's Centre for training and preparing a combat purposes.

Upgraded Su-27SM-1, 2009. Aircraft #06 was presented first time at MAKS 2007. Similiar camouflage schemes on aircrafts: 01, 04 (and overhauled Su-27 #21 and Su-27UB #11). Apparently two repair plant are involved in modernization programm.

Upgraded Su-27SM-2, 2005, 23rd Fighter Aviation Regiment, Dzemgi air field @ Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

T10M (Su-27SM) December 2012 status:

Modernised Su-27s (48 aircrafts) as Su-27SM-1 and Su-27SM-2) are used in Russian Air Force in two regiments. Few aircrafts are in Lipyetsk's Centre for training and preparing a combat purposes.

  • 929th GLITs (Akhtubinsk): first rebuilded aircraft (2004 ?)56.
  • 968th IIASP / 4th TsBPiPLS (Lipyetsk): few Su-27SM-1 from 2003, with blue-darkblue camouflage, false canopys underside and red numbers 02 03 04 06 07.
  • 6987th Air Base (ex. 22nd GIAP, Centralnaya Uglovaya): Su-27SM-2 modernised between 2004 and 2006, with standard (light three-tone) camouflage and blue numbers 01-12 20-32 38. Also UBs 43 51 52 53.
  • 6989th Air Base (ex. 23rd IAP, Dzemgi @ Konsomolsk on Amur): Su-27SM-2 modernised between 2007 and 2009, with standard (light three-tone) camouflage and red numbers 69 70 .. 72 73 .. 75 .. 77 78 79 80-92. Also UBs 45 50 53 73.


In Summer 2009 Russian Ministry of Defence signed contract for delivery of 12 x Su-27 upgraded to Su-27SM-3 standard, 4 x brand new Su-30M2 and 48 x brand new Su-35S.

  • First four of twelve Su-27SM-3 are in 02.2011 delivered from Komsomolsk-on-Amur factory KnAAPO to Krimsk (Krasnodar Region); numbers 51 52 53 54; civil registration: 51: RF-93729, 53: RF-93730, 54: RF-93731. Built on base of the airframes of the Su-27SK not delivered to China, engines AL-31F-M1 (AL-31F 42nd series) from "Salut".
  • Next eight aircrafts were delivered in the end of the year 2011: 55 56 57 58 and 59 60 61 62)

Su-27SM-3 #01 (RF-93729), Summer 2011. One of the four aircrafts delivered in February 2011 to Russian Air Force, Krimsk Air Base (Krasnodar Region) . Next eight are expected in the year 2011. Camouflage on drawing is a little schematic.

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