Sukhoi Su-27SK, Su-30MK, Su-30MK2

Data update:

September 2013

Country / user:

Republik Indonesia = Republic of Indonesia
Tentara Nasional Indonesia - Angkatan Udara (TNI-AU) = Indonesian Air Force

In service:

since 09.2003 (Su-27SK)
since 09.2003 (Su-30MK)
since 12.2008 (Su-30MK2)


5 x Su-27SK
2 x Su-30MK
up to 9 x Su-30MK2


KnAAPO (Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association)

KnAAZ (Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Factory)

Contracts and deliveries:

1. 2003: 2 x Su-27SK + 2 x Su-30MK - realised in 2003.

2. August 2007: $355 million USD contract for 3 x Su-30MK2 + 3 x Su-27SK - realised 2008-2010.

3. December 2011: $470 million USD contract for six Sukhoi Su-30MK2. Deliveries started in 2013.


11th Squadon Udara (SkU11), Iswahyudi air base; since 04.2005 Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport old terminal in Makassar (South Sulawesi).

Bort numbers:

TS-2701 [01]
TS-2702 [02]
TS-2703 [03]*
TS-2704 [04]*
TS-2705 [05]*
* 2010 batch

TS-3001 [01]
TS-3002 [02]

TS-3003 [03]
TS-3004 [04]
TS-3005 [05]
TS-3006 [06]**
TS-3007 [07]**
TS-3008 [08]**
TS-3009 [09]**
TS-3010 [10]**
TS-3011 [11]**
**2013 batch (KnAAZ - former KnAAPO)

  • 1996-1997: Indonesia wants to buy 12 x Su-30 and Mi-17 helicopters, instead of Lockheed F-16, but due to lack of money that plans was never realised. In 1998 KnAAPO even prepared a demonstrator for Indonesia called Su-27KI from Su-27SMK (later become well know from airshows, as Su-27SM / Su-27SMK / Su-27SKM with bort number 305).

    Sukhoi Su-27KI. 1998. Camouflage on drawing is correct.

  • 2003-2005: Two Su-27SK and two Su-30MK were bought in 2003. That aircrafts is pure "chinese" variants (but with refueling probe), because Su-30MKI from Irkutsk was not available at that time. In 2005, after catastrophic tsunami, plans of aquiring a next 8-12 Sukhois were abandoned.

    Sukhoi Su-27SK. 2004. Camouflage on drawing is correct.

    Sukhoi Su-30MK. 2005. Camouflage on drawing is correct.

  • 2005: Indonesian Sukhois are not fully operational, due to incompatiblility with indonesian radio systems and have no armaments! Will be upgraded soon...
  • 2006: Indonesian Su-27SK are powered by AL-31F engines produced by Moscow-based MMPP "Salut" and Su-30MK - AL31F by UMPO. Indonesia have unique chance to compare in-service performance of AL-31F engines and in 2006 choose Salut's products.
  • 2008-2009: two in December 2008 and one in January 2009 Su-30MK2 were delivered from Komsomolsk-on-Amur to Hasanuddin air base, where are being assembled by indonesian and Russian technicians. All three aircrafts quickly and easily passed air tests. Camouflage are similar to previous aircrafts, but shapes are slightly different.

    Sukhoi Su-30MK2, January 2009.

  • 2010: Three Su-27SKM were delivered in 2010, to replace A-4 Skyhawks.
  • December 2011: $470 million contract to buy six Sukhoi Su-30MK2. Deliveries are expected: two in 2012, two in 2012 and two in 2014.
  • January 2012: on three Su-30 trials of Indonesian home-made bombs BTN-250 (Bom Tajah Nasional) and BLAP-50 (Bom Latih Asap Practice).
  • February 2013: two Su-30 delivered under contract from December 2011 (TS-3006 and TS-3007).
  • September 2013: last Su-30 delivered under contract from December 2011 (TS-3011).

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