Сухой Су-30СМ (Sukhoi Su-30SM)

Since Soviet times, Belarusian recognition mark was red star, in the year 2009 replaced by folded national flag on fins - red and green.

Data update:

December 2019

Country / user:

Рэспубліка Беларусь (Republic of Belarus)

Ваенна-паветраныя сілы і войскі супрацьпаветранай абароны [Belarusian Air and Air Defence Forces].

Former BeloRussian (ByeloRussian) Soviet Socialist Republic, independence in 1991.

Belarus inherited MiG-29 and Su-27 in 1991 when USSR splits (MiGs in Бяроза-Kартуская [Biaroza], Sukhois in Баранавiчы [Baranovichi]) and withdrawed 11th May 1993 from East Germany (Soviet MiGs from Finow - Eberswalde 787th Fighter Aviation Regiment) to Belarusian airbase Ross, later to Baranovichi, Brest region.

MiGs are still in service (2019), but December 2012 all Su-27 were retired.

In service:

since November 2019


4 x Su-30SM


November 2019: 4 x Su-30SM


IAZ (Irkutsk Aviation Factory)

Overhauls, upgrades:

Contract for:

In June 2017 Berlarus ordered 12 aircrafts - one squadron.


Баранавічы, 61-я знішчальная авіябаза ВПС і войскаў СПА Узброеных Сіл Рэспублiкi Беларусі (61st Fighter Air Base, Baranovichi)

Belarusian Su-30SM, 2019. Camouflage on all four aircrafts is the same.

Bort numbers:

01 02 03 04

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