Sukhoi Su-27, Su-27UB

Data update:

January 2021

Country / user:

República de Angola = Republic of Angola
Força Aérea Nacional Angolana (FANA) = Angolan National Air Force


About 1998-2000: 6 x Su-27 + 2 x Su-27UB. Probably 2-3 Su-27 and one Su-27UB is operational. Sukhois were bought in Russia or Belarus, from air force surplus. Pilots was trained in Ukraine, which maintained airplanes. One Su-27 was shot down by UNITA forces 19th November 2002 and crashed.

Since 2017: 12 x Su-30K. Angola has purchased 12 ex-Indian Su-30K, overhauled and modernized in Baranovichi (Belarus). Contract was signed in October 2013.

23 October 2019: Angola received the last of 12 aircraft.

Angola’s Sukhois had been upgraded to Su-30SM standard, giving them the ability to fire anti-ship and air-to-air missiles. They are also fitted with jammers.


unknown (maybe 25th Fighter Aviation Regiment at Kuito Air Base)

Bort numbers:

Su-27UB: I-100

Su-30K: C-126 C-127 C-128 ... C-132

Angolan Su-27UB. Camouflage on drawing is slightly simplified and partially (right side) hipothetical, due to lack of photos.

Angolan Su-30K in 2017, before shifting to Angola. Drawing is based on two photos, so is almost completly hipothetical.

Angolan Su-30K in 2020. Drawing is based on one photo, so is hipothetical. Shapes of camouflage is slightly different on each aircraft. Colours are probably OK. Still waiting for more photos...

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