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Su-30 for Angola

According to Russian press, Angola has purchased 18 ex-Indian Su-30K, overhauled and modernized in Baranovichi (Belarussia). Contract worth 1 billion USD, signed October 2013, including spare parts for Angolan Mi-17 helicopters.


Su-30MK2 for Vietnam

Russia will deliver 12 Sukhoi Su-30MK2 to Vietnam under a contract worth about $450 million signed August 2013, in 2014-2015.

Russian Air Force

More Su-30SM for Russian Air Force

19th December 2012: contract for 30 Sukhoi Su-30SM for Russian Air Force.

Russian Air Force

End of Grey Ages?

December 2012: minister of defence of Russian Federation Sergey Schoygu decided that grey painting of Russian aircrafts and helicopters will not be used in future (it was idea of previous minister Anatoliy Syerdyukov). Grey aircrafts (some Su-34, Su-30SM, Su-35S and other Sukhois and MiGs and many other) remain in their colours until next overhauls. Since 2013 colours of the camouflage will be depend on wheather where aircraft is deployed.

Russian Air Force


22 March 2012: Irkut President Alexei Fedorov and Russian Ministry of Defence Anatoly Serdyukov signed contract for 30 Su-30SM for Russian Air Force. Deliveries until 2015.

Russian Air Force

March 2012: 92 Sukhoi Su-34 for Russian Air Force

1 March 2012: Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov and OAO "Sukhoi Company" General Director Озар Игорь Яковлевич [Ozar Igor Yakovlyevich] signed a state contract for delivery of 92 Su-34 frontline bombers from Новосибирском авиационном производственном объединении [Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association, NAPO]. Aircrafts will be delivered till the year 2020, and will replace all of the Su-24 bombers currently in service.

Russian Air Force

New painting for old veteran: former Su-30MKI prototype, former Su-30MKM prototype, in September 2011 was repainted and displayed by "Irkut" on SibExpoCenter stand on 7th Baikal International Economic Forum in Irkutsk city.
Drawing is little hipothetical on upper surfaces.

Belarusian Air Force

End of 2011: after years of rumours and denies, it's a fact: Indian 18 Su-30K (first batch 1997-1999, produced by IAPO, Irkutsk) were returned to Russia, then shifted to Belarus. They will be modernized to Su-30KN standard in 558th Air Repair Plant in Baranovichi, where successfull modernization of the belaRussian (Su-27UBM-1) and kazakh (Su-27M-2 and SU-27UBM-2) Sukhois was realized. Each aircraft is worth USD 10 mln, upgrade USD 5 mln. Maybe they stay in Belarus or will be sell to third countries.

Russian Air Force


July 2011: Irkut (Irkutsk) assembled two Su-30SM, as part of new contract with Russian Ministry of Defence for 40 Su-30SM aircrafts for Russian Air Force (28 + 12 optionally). Based on airframe of the Su-30MKI with Russian avionics, prototypes should be ready to the end of 2011.

November 2011: confirmation from Russian Air Force chief: works are in progress, prototypes are expected in the beginning of 2012.

China Sukhoi

May 2010: chinese prototype of J-15 was photographed, a copy (or variant) of the Su-27K (Su-33). For Variag aircraft carrier.

Russian Air Force

April 2010: Russian Air Force new star. Finally, it happens: since 4th April 2010 this is an official sign of the military aviation of the Russian Aviation.

Algeria Sukhoi

April 2010: contract Russia - Algeria for 16 x Su-30MKA.

India Sukhoi

March 2010: contract Russia - India for 42 x Su-30MKI is prepared, worth USD 3,5 billion.

Libya Sukhoi

January 2010: Libya has signed contract worth 1,3 billion euro for 12 x Su-35, 4 x Su-30MK2, 6 x Yak-130 and many other arms.

Contract rather will not be realised...

Ukraine United States Sukhoi

October 2008: 2 x Su-27UB from Ukrainian Air Forces were sold to private north-american company Pride Aircraft, Inc, Rockford, Illinois. Aircraft #31 was licensed by FAA as N131SU in December 2009, first flight December 2009. In May 2010 is offered to sale for $4,950,000. Second Su-27UB #32 was licensed as N132SU, grounded in 2010, flyable in 2011.

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