SKIP 976

Beriev A-50
Radiolocation Surveillance and Control Aircraft
Beriev 976
Airborne Check and Measuring Point

SKIP for Samolyotniy Kontrolno-Izmyerityelniy Punkt = Type 976 Airborne Check and Measuring Point
SRLDN for Samolyot Radiolokacyonnovo Dozora i Nablyudyeniya (DRLO for Dalyekovo Radiolokacyonnovo Obnaruzhyeniya) = Radiolocation Surveillance and Control Aircraft (or Long-distance Radiolocation Detection)


Taganrog Aircraft Production Association


Radiolocation surveillance and control aircraft built in late 70's to replace Tupolev Tu-126 for detection of approaching bombers and guidance of the interceptors.

Designed by TANTK (Beriev). Transport aircraft Ilyushin Il-76M airframe (manufactured by TAPO in Uzbekistan) were used to built two prototypes (bort numbers 10 and 20) and Il-76MD to built third prototype and serial aircrafts (30-53).

TANTK - Taganrogskiy Avyatsyonniy Nauchno-Tyekhnichyeskiy Komplyeks imyeni G.M. Berieva
= Taganrog Aviation Scientific-Technical Complex,
better known as Beriev Construction Bureau or Beriev Aircraft Corporation;
now part of the Sukhoi Company.

TAPO / TAPOiCh - Tashkyentskoye Aviyatsyonnoye Proizvyedstvyennoe Obyedinyeniye imyeni V.P.Chkalova (Uzbekistan)
= Tashkent Aircraft Production Corporation named after V.P.Chkalov

OAO Aviatsyonniy Komplyeks imyeni S.V. Ilyushina
= Ilyushin Aircraft Complex named after S.V. Ilyushin JSC.

Radar and electronic equipment was prepared by Moskovskiy Nauchno-Isslyedovatyelskiy Institut Priborostroyeniya (MNIIP, Moskov Scientific-Research Institute for Instrument Engineering; now NPO Vega-M). Radar is named Shmyel (= Bumblee-bee).

In 1998 new Shmyel-2 was prepared for A-50M, abandoned in 90's.

Since 1990 Shmyel-M is developed for A-50U (Uproshchyenniy - Simplified). Now first A-50 is modernised to A-50U standard and undergoing flight test.

Prototype for China (A-50 no 44 with civil registration RA-78740) was built with israeli Phalcon, but contract was not realised. China built a few its own AWACS using Il-76 airframes, named KJ-2000.

In Iraq two Il-76 was rebuilded to experimental AWACS airpanes Adnan (now one of them is in Iran).

Aircraft A-50 was sold in 2007-2008 to Indian Air Force as EI, with israeli radar Phalcon. First prototype in spring 2008 (s.n. KW-3551).

Designation Type Year Bort number Notes
A-1 1st prototype 1978 10


A-2 2nd prototype ? 20


A-3 3rd prototype ? 30

Pattern to serial production.

A-50 serial A-50 1985-1993 30-53

24 serial machines were built (including third prototype) by TAPO. Are deployed at Siauliau in Lithuania (67 OAE DRLO), then at Beriozovka (144 OAP DRLO), now at Ivanovo-Syevyerniy (= Ivanovo-North) near Moskva (2457 AB BP SRLDN, Avya Baza Bojevogo Primyenyenya SRLDN = Air Base of the Combat Purpose of the Radiolocation Surveillance and Control Aircrafts).In 2008 about 20 in service.

Beriev A-50.

976 976 SKIP 1985 SSSR-76452

5 machines built for LII (Flight Research Institute) at Zhukovskiy to conduct flight test of missiles and aircrafts. Ilyushin Il-76M transport aircrafts airframes were used. Aircrafts have no military instalation, except Shmyel radar of course.

Beriev 976.

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